Southern Comforts Halloween Scents

Southern Comforts Halloween Scents

Southern Comforts is an indie shop that specializes in perfumes and bath and body products. As you can tell from the name, the brand’s aesthetic is concentrated on the American South and quirky adorableness. I’ve tried a few different products from them, but today I’m going to concentrate on their latest release – Halloween scents.

Biloxi Boneyard

Jasmine absolute, damp wood, rotting leaves, wet gravestones, oakmoss, old dirt.

  • In bottle: Holy jasmine, Batman. LOTS of jasmine. Followed up by some wet leaves.
  • First applied: Still soooo much jasmine. I’m iffy on jasmine myself and it usually depends on how it works with the other scents in the perfume. Right now this is feel like a stick of jasmine incense or something – I’m not really picking up anything else.
  • Fifteen minutes later: Unfortunately, I’m still mostly getting the jasmine. There is a bit of dirt and wetness which is stopping the jasmine from being overpowering, but it’s not really a “me” scent.

Bobbi-Sue’s Candy Bucket

candy corn, gummy bears, candied apples, red licorice

  • In bottle: Mmm so much candy and sweetness. It smells like fruity gummy bears, slightly tart apples, and the sweetness of red licorice. This is spot on from the description.
  • First applied: Mostly gummy bears with some apple thrown in there – just that hint of tartness to cut the sweetness. There’s also this smooth sweet scent – kind of the same smoothness of caramel, but it’s not caramel.
  • Fifteen minutes later: Very sweet, but smoothly sweet. I really wish that I could describe that smoothness better. Not really picking up apples anymore, but I am getting the red licorice now and it blends really well with the gummy bear scent. This definitely screams “candy,” but still is very wearable. I think this would especially make a good bath and body product.

Cthulhu in Carolina

seawater, wet sand, aged paper, book leather

  • In bottle: I was probably most excited for this scent because I don’t really have anything like it, and come on – Cthulhu? Yes please. Wet in the bottle this smells like saltwater and leather.
  • First applied: Oh man. This smells like leather, water, and something kind of sweet. I don’t know if its the salt bit or the sand bit that’s rounding the scent out, but I like it.
  • Fifteen minutes later: Wow although I reeeeally wanted to like this scent, I wasn’t really expecting to. It’s a solid aquatic with just a hint of leather. Leather tends to be overpowering on me, but I really like it in here. There’s that something “other” that’s on the edge of sweet that is bringing it all together, too, and it’s really doing it for me. The general feel of the perfume is a little haunting and unsettling – something good for when you’re feeling moody.

St. Louis Cemetery

carnations, fresh earth, damp grass, morning mist, sepulchers, and the faintest hint of roses

  • In bottle: Smells just like a freshly mowed cemetery – blooming carnations, damp earth, grass, and morning dew.
  • First applied: Uuuuugh rooooose I can smell you now. I was suspicious of this scent because I can’t stand rose scents, but I had hopes since the last Southern Comforts scent I had with roses they didn’t creep in. Roses are all up in here. Well, maybe not all up. But they’re there. Right now I’m getting a lot of grass and florals, and it’s very realistic since it’s making my nose itch.
  • Fifteen minutes later: My skin loves roses even though my nose does not. The scent has calmed down now, but the carnations and roses are the front-runners. It’s a nice floral, grassy scent with some dampness and earth stopping it from being too perky or perfumey.

Tuscaloosa Trick-or-Treat

dark chocolate hazelnut truffles, burning leaves, dirt, leather, sweet tobacco

  • In bottle: Unfff omg this smells so good. Dark chocolate and hazelnut, backed up by some earthiness and smooth leather.
  • First applied: Hnnnnng it smells even better on. The hazelnut is stronger than the chocolate and is very authentic. The chocolate isn’t fake or off smelling – it smells like a nice, rich dark chocolate. The leather and dirt mingle to bring a nice earthiness so it’s not overly sweet.
  • Fifteen minutes later: Mmm the leather has come out a little bit more now, making it less of a gourmand than one would originally think. I’m also getting some earthy smokiness, and the chocolate and hazelnut has settled more into the background. I really like how this perfume has transformed – it’s not what I expected at all and I like it a lot.

Overall thoughts

I thought this was a fun collection that stuck to the Halloween theme very well while not being unwearable. I like that Southern Comforts scents are simple and straightforward, while still painting a nice picture with the scents. My favorites were Cthulhu in Carolina and Tuscaloosa Trick-or-Treat, but for unexpected reasons. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found something that tickled your fancy! If you found anything you like, make sure you head over to the Southern Comforts shop on Etsy.