Swatches and Declutter: Highlighter Edition

Swatches and Declutter: Highlighter Edition

Welcome back!

I recently came to the insane realization that I have over 30 highlighters. Why in the world would I ever find it necessary to own that many highlighters? I have pressed highlighters, loose powder highlighters, powders that I then pressed myself, and liquid highlighters. It’s insane. So, after the prodding of my friend, I decided to sit down and swatch them all. Hopefully seeing them all swatched like this will help me get rid of some! At the end of the post I’ll make sure I let you guys know which ones I decided to keep and which ones didn’t cut it.

All swatches were done on bare skin with my finger. I usually don’t like finger swatches, but this was the best way to make sure the product stands out nicely.

**NOTE: I am a promotor for Darling Girl Cosmetics and Dreamworld Cosmetics so some products were purchased with the use of a discount. Believe me, this has no influence over my choice of what gets booted, as you will soon see.**

First up, we have a round of highlighters from indie companies that I pressed myself.

Dark Matter Makeup Aurora Borealis: Dark Matter is an indie company that is no longer opened. This is a white based highlight that shifts with a lovely pink and gentle purple. I’m not sure how this would be if I had kept it loose, but this is very powdery and chalky. There is a lot of kickup in the pan, which was probably my fault. The result is that unless this gets blended very well, all you can really see is a glaring white streak, like the swatch below.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Ivory Tower: Femme Fatale really knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. It’s a warm toned highlight with a pink sheen. I think this is pretty similar to one of my highlighters in the ABH Gleam Kit, so they might have to battle head to head.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics The High King: Described as a frosty beige with soft pink tones, this is another very pretty highlighter. I have a few shades like this, so something will have to go. Pretty, but unremarkable.

Hello Waffle Awoke at Dawn: This is the first of three rose gold highlighters I have, two of which are from Hello Waffle. It’s a little less pink than the others I have, so it might be a little more wearable. It was originally a Visage item, but made it’s way into the GC after everyone (including me) fell in love.

Hello Waffle Fluffy Dukedom:  From the Kitty Kingdom collection of 2015, this is a pretty gold with flashes of purple and turquoise. I don’t get much of the purple in this, but it’s nice to have a blueish highlight that is also warm.

Hello Waffle Midna: AKA my favorite highlight ever. It’s cream colored shimmery gold. I believe it was a Kitty Kingdom color that wiggled it’s way into the GC. I got this in an exchange through Reddit and am forever grateful. I also have this is the liquid format, which is swatched further down.

Brija Cosmetics Sunrise: I absolutely love this color! This is a light pinky, purple duochrome with little flashes of peachy orange. this is one of my favorite highlighters. I don’t use it a lot because with already red cheeks, the last thing I need is to bring even more attention to them. I do only have this as a sample, so I’ll probably hold onto it. Time will tell.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics 25: The owner made this as a GWP during the anniversary/birthday sale this year. I feel like this is more shabammy and shimmery than Awoke at Dawn.

Top to Bottom: Dark Matter Aurora Borealis, Femme Fatale The Ivory Tower, Femme Fatale The High King, Hello Waffle Awoke at Dawn, Hello Waffle Fluffy Dukedom, Hello Waffle Midna, Brija Sunrise, Hello Waffle 25

This is another round of pressed highlighters. The first two were pressed by me and the others were purchased from the company pressed.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Fridays We Wear Pink: This was an LE GWP from Pink Friday. I absolutely love how pigmented and shimmery this is. It’s a super shimmery pink that can be used as an eyeshadow as well.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Precious Fairy Vagina: Another LE shade, this was part of a True Blood Darling Delight Box. It’s a nude peach with a pinky violet sheen and makes me wonder if I really need Brija Sunrise. In the swatch they look different, but really – how much does that translate on the face after blending?

Tooth and Nail Cosmetics Rouge: This is rough because this company was so promising and has really tanked. All you need to do is take a look at their Instagram account and wade through the barrage of comments about missing and delayed orders to see what I mean. I order two highlighters when they first opened with no issues, but I would not order again. I already decided to get rid of the other product, so this one will most likely follow. It’s pretty, but nothing really original or remarkable.

Devinah Cosmetics Cosma: A white based highlight with a strong green sheen, this is absolutely gorgeous. However, the severe white base makes me a little wary. It does blend out well, but it’s not ideal. I do have another product (swatched down farther) that will probably make me push this one to the side. This is also a little powdery (like the Dark Matter product, just less so), so it makes me less inclined to use it.

AFK Cosmetics Just Like Starlight: Described as an icy pink loaded with shimmer, this is really very pretty and feminine. Right now it doesn’t get a lot of play, but if I cut down on my stash it might see the light of day more often. I don’t use cool toned products as much, so it would make it easier to get rid of this. However, I do love the amount of shimmer in here. I’m a sucker for a good shine.

Devinah Cosmetics Rolo: I honestly can’t recall if I’ve ever used this product. It’s another neutral base with a pinky glow. At this point, that’s a little unremarkable in my collection. I think we know what that means.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Hard Candy (Gleam Kit): This very much reminds me of Femme Fatal The Ivory Tower. It’s a nice neutral base with a pink sheen. This is more subtle and smoother, which is great with a pink highlight (see complaint about red cheeks above).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Crushed Pearl (Gleam Kit): This is 100% a shade I do not need. I’m not a fan of frosty highlighters because I think it only looks great on the super pale. I already have Becca Pearl in another palette, so I definitely don’t need two shimmery whiteish highlighters.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Mimosa (Gleam Kit): A soft, medium beigey gold, this would be great one someone a liiiittle darker than I am. I feel like Goldilocks between this and Crushed Pearl, but with 39 highlighters I need to be picky. Once again, there is nothing wrong with the formula as it’s very soft and smooth. Just the color ain’t me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Starburst (Gleam Kit): This is a soft pink highlighter that blends out to a nice sheen. A little more everyday than something like AFK Just Like Starlight, this is a nice staple in my collection. This would also work very well for someone who maybe doesn’t have a lot of highlights and is looking for something basic.

Top to Bottom: Darling Girl Fridays We Wear Pink, Darling Girl Precious Fairy Vagina, Tooth and Nail Rouge, Devinah Cosma, AFK Just Like Starlight, Devinah Rolo, Anastasia Beverly Hills Hard Candy, Anastasia Beverly Hills Crushed Pearl, Anastasia Beverly Hills Mimosa, Anastasia Beverly Hills Starburst

This is the last round of my pressed highlighters, all of them mainstream!

Hourglass Cosmetics Euphoric: I was lusting after these products when they first got released and I’m still glad that I picked this up. This is a light-medium peachy highlight packed with shimmer. This is something that I need to use more often. Since it’s a single in a compact, I tend to not reach for it as often. Hopefully cutting out some others will make me grab this more often.

Becca Cosmetics Rose Gold: My last of the rose gold highlights, and the least pink. This is very wearable and smooth, and I actually probably reach for this the most out of the three that I have. It’s very pigmented, and someone who is maybe a more fair than I am could use this as a shimmery blush.

Becca Cosmetics Pearl (Champagne Glow Palette): I never would buy this color on it’s own because it’s way to light for my complexion. I also don’t do cool looks too often (as discussed above) so it doesn’t get a lot of mileage. Since it is housed in the palette, I do actually use it to mix with the other colors, especially Blushed Copper.

Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop (Champagne Glow Palette): The warm champagne gold highlight to end all warm champagne gold highlights. This is it, folks. I’m glad that it’s just as gorgeous and perfect as the hype dictated. I actually have a dip in this highlighter! I’ll have to see once my collection shrinks how much I use this vs Hello Waffle Midna.

Becca Cosmetics Blushed Copper (Champagne Glow Palette): Definitely way to dark to use this on it’s own, this actually makes a great blush. Although, to be warned, I really enjoy shimmery blushes. This also works great mixed and blended with Pearl and Champagne Pop. Any combination of the three is really gorgeous.

Becca Cosmetics Prosecco Pop (Champagne Collection Face Palette): Yes, having both BeccaxJaclyn Hill palettes means I have two Champagne Pops. Shh. Anyway… This is a nice highlight and more gold than Champagne Pop. Do I think I need these both? No. But this palette comes with three blushes (or two and a bronzer) and it’s perfect for when I travel for work. Which is a lot.

This next round is all indie loose highlighters! They’re still loose for one of two reasons – I either love the packaging or they contain ingredients that cannot be pressed. I need to get away from loving things just for the packaging, so I’m going to press what I can. Go me!

Shiro Cosmetics The Last Unicorn: I love this for so many reasons. One, the packaging. Seriously. It’s got an amazing label and it pulls my heartstrings. Two, the color. It’s so shiny and uuugh I love it. There’s so much glitter that it’s insane and I want to wear it always. The downside? Super cool toned. I need to rock it more, for sure. And I just checked and it’s eye safe so I’ll use it as eyeshadow, too. You can pry this out of my cold, dead hands, folks. My glitter covered cold, dead hands.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Emma: Another Kitty Kingdom LE shade, this is actually inspired by one of my good friend’s dogs! It’s what I would consider a flat neutral – as a white-gold with copper shimmer, it’s neither warm nor cool and goes well with a multitude of looks. However, I’m not sure if it really is unique enough for me to hang on to. (Sorry, Emma – you’re adorable!)

Hello Waffle Cosmetics George: This is from this year’s Kitty Kingdom collection and is everything I wanted Devinah Cosma to be. The gold makes a great base for the green shift and works much better for me than the white base of Cosma. Despite my love of the cat basking in the sun on the label, I’ll have to press this so it gets more use.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Like One of Your French Kitties: Meant as the blue version of Lavender Cream, this is a pale peachy champagne with a blue shift. I actually think I like Fluffy Dukedom more – plus that one is already pressed… I also thing the blue on that is more prominent than in this one.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Queen of the Amazons: Another LE Visage color (damn – do I have anything from the GC?), this is one of my favorites for the theme alone. This is from the box inspired by A Midsummer’s Night Dream, my favorite Shakespeare ever. It’s described as a faded pink with strong turquoise and teal shift. To me, this once again has more of a white base, which makes me less likely to wear it. Despite the stellar theme and label, I think we know where this is headed.

Dreamworld Cosmetics Phoebe: This is a soft neutral pink with golden undertones, and reminds me of Becca Champagne Pop. This is pretty, but not something necessarily remarkable or new. It’s a good staple, though, just nothing new for me.

Dreamworld Cosmetics Tabitha: A nice, soft gold, this is another product that would be a good staple. Another one that I don’t need more of. It looks similar to Hello Waffle Midna!

Dreamworld Cosmetics Taz: This is a medium peach that reminds me of a less glittery form of Hourglass Euphoric. I’ll probably have this stick around for a bit to see how I like it! Plus, it’s only a sample so it doesn’t take up much space. Or this is what I tell myseeeelf.

Top to Bottom: Shiro Cosmetics The Last Unicorn, Hello Waffle Emma, Hello Waffle George, Hello Waffle Like One Of Your French Kitties, Hello Waffle Queen of the Amazons, Dreamworld Phoebe, Dreamworld Tabitha, Dreamworld Taz

The first two of this next (and last!) set are loose Spectral Shifts from Darling Girl. The rest are liquid highlighters.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Double Bubble: Why do I not have this pressed? I have no idea. But I love it. It’s a pink base with a copper shift, so the opposite of a couple of my other highlighters. It’s really subtle and kind of sheer, and I adore how it blends out on the skin.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Mellow Peaches: Kind of similar to Double Bubble, with the copper sheen/iridescence is more prominent. Another one that I need to press, and stat.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Snuggle in Sweetie, It’s Cold Outside: This was from the LE Edward Scissorhands inspired collection and I really enjoy it. It smells like lovely oranges and has a great blue shift. Down side – it doesn’t dry down all the way and must be set with powder. Other down side – the packaging actually busted a little and it makes it more difficult to apply. Womp womp.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Leilani: My first liquid highlighter, this is one of the Lumos line of products. This came in a lipgloss-like tube with a doefoot applicator. I believe the packaging has since been changed to more of a nail polish-like bottle. This is a mauve pink with a strong gold sheen and is very pigmented. It also dries down very quickly, so you have to work quickly to blend it out. This is very pink, and would actually work better as a blush for me. But with how quickly it dries, using it as a blush is impractical.

Darling Girl Cosmetics Big Mistake: This is from the new line of Spectral Shift Illuminating Cremes – basically liquid Spectral Shifts. This is the only one of this line that I have and I definitely need to grab a couple more. This is a berry pink with an aqua sheen. It’s a very creamy formula that blends out very nicely. I find it much easier to work with than the Lumos line.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Midna: Yes, again. This time in liquid form. I really hope more of these get released since I really like this product. It’s creamy and dries down nicely – like the Darling Girl liquid Spectral Shifts. I like to use the liquid when I want an extra punch to my highlight or to use under other powder highlights. See above for all the reasons why I love this and it’s the best thing ever.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Lavender Cream: I recently got rid of the powder version of this color because I like the liquid so much better. It’s a cream neutral base, packed with a lavender purple shift. I find the shift to be much more prominent in the liquid form, which I am all about.

What’s this? The end? THE END!!!! There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sticking with me! Out of my 39 products that I started with, I got rid of…. 14. Is that it? Really? I mean, that’s good and all, but I was hoping for more.

Products that didn’t make the cut:

  • Hello Waffle Emma, Queen of the Amazons, Like One of Your French Kitties, and Awoke at Dawn.
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics Leilani and Snuggle in Sweetie, It’s Cold Out There.
  • Tooth and Nail Cosmetics Rouge.
  • Devinah Cosmetics Cosma and Rolo.
  • Brija Cosmetics Sunrise.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics Mimosa and Crushed Pearl.

I decided to keep the Dreamworld shades that I was iffy on because I need to use them more to get a good feel of the products. If I like them better than some of my other shades, I might keep them over others. Only time will tell.



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