Squash Beauty: Update and Review

Squash Beauty: Update and Review

A few weeks ago, I made this post with swatches and first impressions of Squash Beauty. I took both the Amara Luminizer and Suzy Blush for test spins and I am happy to say I loved them both!

For application, I applied grabbed some of Suzy (the blush) with my stippling brush. I then lightly tapped my face where I wanted the blush and gently blended it out with the same brush. I had gone very lightly, so I grabbed a little more and applied it in the same method. It built very nicely and didn’t pull or grab at my foundation beneath.

With Amara, I applied it with my fingers since I don’t really have another brush that would work well with this type of product. I dropped a little onto the back of my hand and picked it up with my middle finger. I then patted it onto my cheekbone with a light tapping motion, passing over the area to blend it out. I actually like this a lot for the highlighter! I feel like it gave me a lot of control over the pigmentation and placement. It was also easy to build up and didn’t effect my foundation or blush. I found it to provide a nice glow, so if you’re someone who prefers their highlight to be seen from space, this isn’t for you. If you like more of a natural highlight then this is right up your alley!

They both dried down rather quickly, but not so fast that I wasn’t able to work with them. I found them both long wearing, still going strong after the 10-hour mark.

I give both of these products glowing (haha) reviews! I am interested to see how this packaging holds up to the test of time. I know that they were clearing out existing stock to implement new packaging. This is definitely a brand I plan on keeping my eye on! Give them a look and see what you think – maybe you’ll find a new fave.

Here’s a look I did with the products below! You can see the glow from Amara better in the second picture.

Sugarpill Cosmetics Feline Fancy palette on the eyes, Squash Beauty Suzy and Amara on the face, and Fyrinnae We The People on the lips
Sugarpill Cosmetics Feline Fancy on the eyes, Squash Beauty Amara and Suzy on the face, Fyrinnae We The People on the lips



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