Squash Beauty First Impressions

Squash Beauty First Impressions

Hello there! It’s been a long time! I’ve been upping my Instagram game, so I figured it was time to up my blogging game as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up as a nice space for first impressions, reviews, and swatches.

Today I’ve got some gorgeous products from  a brand called Squash Beauty. The owner’s goal is to provide products that will work on a variety of skin tones, based on her own frustrations attempting to find cosmetics that work on darker skin. Currently the shop offers liquid blushes and luminizers as well as some pressed highlighters. The liquid products are on sale as they rotate stock to offer up some new packaging, too!

I picked up the Liquid Blush in the shade Suzy and a Liquid Luminizer in the shade Amara. They come in glass bottles with glass droppers to get out the product. The labels are simple and clean, which I can appreciate. They are not waterproof, which makes me a little worried for how quickly they’ll get dirty with this kind of product. Knowing how clumsy I am, I can see this labels being a little worse for wear in a couple of months.


On to the swatches! To apply the product, I applied some straight from the dropper onto my arm and blended out with the brush below. With how easy the product blends out, in the future I’ll skip the brush for highlight and just blend it out with my fingers. I’ll probably stick to this brush for using the blush, though.


Amara Luminizer: A gold toned highlighter with a yellow base, this glowing luminizer has a natural satin finish.

I would say that description is spot on. I’ve been looking for a nice, yellow toned gold highlighter and I think I found it. If you are at all cool toned, I would avoid this. Also this would not work on fairer skin tones. If you have a deeper skin tone and have issues with a gold highlighter showing up on your skin, I would definitely give this a shot. I found it easy to blend and build up in turn. This is very versatile and easy to use. I love that Amara has a nice soft sheen, as opposed to an outright blinding glow. This will be a lot of fun paired with a more sparkly blush.

Suzy Blush: This vibrant satin pink blush can be worn alone or topped with a highlighter for extra glow.

This was a little more coral leaning than I expected, but it’s definitely still a happy pink. I was surprised by how easy this was to blend. This will work for people with a variety of skin tones, from pale to deep. This is extremely easy to build and the more it was blended out the more the small sparkles showed up, which I am all about.

Below the products are over bare skin. One the left the product is more heavily applied and the right side is more blended out.

Full swatches

I wore Amara the other day and started blending it out with the brush and realized it was easy enough to blend out with my fingers. I haven’t used Suzy yet, but I think I’ll wind up using the brush. The product itself is more watery than I expected, which makes it both easier to blend and build. Amara layered nicely over foundation and blush, so I’m looking forward to using Suzy to see if it works just as well!

After I’ve used both products more extensively, I’ll report back with a full review. In the mean time, make sure you check out Squash Beauty and see if anything catches your fancy!


3 thoughts on “Squash Beauty First Impressions

  1. I like the dropper bottles but also I fear them getting all gunked up, kind of like the CoverFX bottles. Squash Beauty has such an appealing aesthetic, though. Might have to check out the liquid blush!


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